Corporate Profile

Energy powers growth. Just as plants need solar energy to grow, so does the world economy need electrical energy to grow. After all, every factory in the world is powered by electricity.

And the electricity would have been generated from a variety of sources such as solar, wind, hydro, coal, nuclear, diesel, petrol, bio-material, natural gas, etc. Yet with all of Nature's resources, it is not enough - not enough to match the developing pace of humanity.

Even before the technology park became a commonplace feature in numerous Indian and Chinese cities; even before factories became the reason for the migration of millions of Asians, two Singapore entrepreneurs saw the future.

A future Asia Pacific which needs a reliable and affordable source of electrical power to fuel its continued growth. These two dynamic entrepreneurs are Benedict Chen and Kang Beng Chiang.

  In 1995, VibroPower was born.

From the dedicated VibroPower staff's power generation experience, a comprehensive range of power generator sets with outputs ranging from 20 KVA to 2,500 KVA was created.

The generators are not only wide-ranging in output - VibroPower generators can be fueled by diesel, natural gas, biomass or landfill gases.

Be it for residential, infrastructure, commercial or military needs, these generators are versatile enough to be easily installed.

Headquartered in Singapore,VibroPower has since established a direct presence in Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, UAE and the United Kingdom - a significant global player in the energy and power generation industry.

Today, VibroPower's management remains deeply committed to continued growth so that they can continue to serve their clients regardless of where the clients' business takes them.

VibroPower was listed on Singapore Exchange's then SGX-SESDAQ in 2000 and promoted to the SGX Mainboard in 2006.