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Household, Retail & Commercial Air-Link Heat Recovery Storage Water Heater

  • EQI’s engineer , through many years of R&D, has prefect the technology in recovery ‘waste’ heat from  home air-conditioning unit to bring you zero cost hot water.
  • In a classic home air-conditioning cycle, the heat that absorbed by the refrigerant through the evaporator( indoor unit where cold air is produced ) is released through the condenser unit (outdoor unit ) as a waste energy/’hot air’. The EQI’s Air-Link Heat Recovery Water Heater  is able to utilize part of the waste heat  as an alternative to heat up water without any other source of energy input thus zero cost hot water.
  • Capacity ranging from 38 liters, 60 liters to 500 liters.

Commercial & Industrial Heat  Pump centralize

  • The EQI’s air-source heat pump central hot water system works on the same principle as an air-conditioner in the reversed cycle, i.e the counter Carnot Cycle principle. 
  • EQI’s  engineer focus on the heat, rather than the cool air generated from the “ air-con” cycle, to bring about a more Ecofficient heating.

Domestic  Heat Pump

  • EQI’s R&D team specifically designed and developed the Villas Heat Pump for those who appreciate the benefit of an Environmental Friendly yet  Energy Saving
  • Reduce carbon emission, join us to build a better environment for our next generation.

Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi  Constant Temperature  Heat Pump

  • The EQI swimming pool constant temperature heat pump utilizes its heat absorption medium (refrigerant) to collect the heat energy from the air. The refrigerant is compressed and through the heat Titanium exchanger heater, heat energy is transmitted to the water in the swimming pool, thus the water in the pool will be constantly heated up to the pre-set temperature.

Fitilite  LED lighting